Outline first. Write second.

We created Logline to make it easier to write screenplays with great structure.

Every aspect of Logline – the interface, the features, even the name – is designed to put you in the right environment and frame of mind to write a well-structured screenplay.

The outline is the gameplan

How do you write a well-structured screenplay? You create a gameplan for the structure of your film. Then you follow the plan.

Writing a screenplay is a tremendous undertaking. A well written screenplay can take months or years to write.

Any tremendous undertaking – such as building a house – takes hard work and dedication. But hard work and dedication are not enough on their own. You need a plan to keep you moving in the right direction.

To build a house, you need a blueprint. To write a screenplay, you need an outline.

The outline is the roadmap

Screenplays are long – anywhere from 90-120 pages or more. Each character has his or her own arc and personal journey. Each subplot has its own twists and turns. They all must fit together perfectly to have an impact on the audience.

Screenplays have a lot of moving parts. It's easy to get lost. When you're on page 83, you need to know how the scene you're writing relates to the scene on page 20 and the climax on page 110.

It can be overwhelming. That's why you need an outline. It's your roadmap. It's a high-level overview of everything that happens in your screenplay.

An outline gives you the confidence to focus on the scene you're writing. You know the parts will fit together because you already planned it that way.

Drag & drop outlining

One major design goal for Logline is to make the outlining process as effortless as possible.

While you're outlining, the structure of your story is constantly changing. A scene in your third act may really belong in the first or second act. A sequence of scenes may fit better later in the screenplay.

In Logline, you can use the sidebar to drag and drop any act or scene to another place in your screenplay.

Drag & drop to reorder acts and scenes in the sidebar.

This helps speed up the outlining process. It's easier to make changes – to try things out. It's an invitation to experiment with the structure of your screenplay, which is exactly what you should be doing while you outline.

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