Structure and Freedom

Logline is a screenwriting and outlining app that helps you focus on the structure of your screenplay.

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Simple is Beautiful

Logline is a screenwriting app that brings clarity to your writing. Write in full screen mode with high resolution backgrounds - choose the one that best fits the mood of your screenplay.

Plain text = Freedom

Beneath the surface, Logline uses the plain text markup language Fountain. This makes your work portable. Edit your screenplay on any device or platform.

Above: the same file opened in a text editor (left) and in Logline (right)

Hollywood Standard

Save to PDF in the industry standard screenplay format and beautiful Courier Prime text.

Focus on Structure

Don't get lost in your script. Use the sidebar to navigate the structure of your screenplay.

Powerful Export Options

Export an outline, treatment, summary and more.

Shawn Will Lee

Logline streamlines and simplifies the writing process so I can work quickly – anywhere.


Shawn Will Lee, Screenwriter & Filmmaker

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