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Write Your Screenplay

Logline allows you write the screenplay and outline in one document.

You can export an industry standard screenplay or various types of outlines, including treatments and summaries.

The Basics

Logline is built using Fountain, a plain text screenplay markup language.

Here is a simple scene written in Fountain.

Notice how the scene headings and character names are written in uppercase and dialogue sits on the line directly below the character name.


Bob sits in his favorite booth. He waves at the counter.

The WAITER walks over.

I'd like to order a coffee.

You got it.

The waiter walks away.


Bob sips his coffee. He smiles.

Good coffee.

Logline formats the text for you as you type. Here's what the text above looks like in Logline:

See our Fountain cheat sheet to learn more about the Fountain syntax.


Add sections and synopsis text to give structure to your screenplay.

# Act 1 - Bob's normal life

= We see a typical day in Bob's life.

## Scene 1 - Coffee Shop

= Bob orders coffee and reads the paper.


Bob sits in his favorite booth. He waves at the counter.

Logline uses sections to format your document. Use the sidebar to navigate and manage the structure of your screenplay. You can drag and drop any section to rearrange the structure in the sidebar.

Export Options

There are plenty of ways to print or export your document.

  • Screenplay: industry standard formatting
  • Synopsis: all the synopsis text
  • Outline: sections and synopsis text
  • Beat Sheet: section titles only
  • Summary: top-level synopsis text only
  • Treatment: lower-level synopsis text only

Learn more about Logline's export options.


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